UD announces the new Quon 8x4

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020
With a multitude of combinations of wheelbases, engines and even transmissions, UD have launched their latest addition – the all-new Quon 8x4. Designed to be the truck of choice for construction, waste management, distribution and agitators, just to mention a few, the all-new Quon CG 8x4 sets the benchmark as the Japanese truck for safety, comfort and productivity. 
Take a look at some of the key features the South Central Truck & Bus UD Truck specialists have put together on the new 8x4 Quon.

Engine and transmission choices

The Quon 8x4 is now available with a choice of two engines and three outputs. The first is the GH8F which is an 8-litre engine. This is identical to the engine in the Quon 8-Litre 6x2, with an output of 360hp (263kW) and 1428Nm. The 11-Litre Quon CG 8x4 is available in two horsepower variants, 390hp with 1750Nm and 420hp with 1900Nm maximum torque.

Customers now also have the flexibility in the transmissions for the 8-Litre Quon CG 8x4 with the choice of either an Allison 3200 Series automatic or an Escot-VI automated manual. Whereby the 11-Litre Quon is available only with the Escot-VI transmission for its unparalleled operability.

Wheelbase choices

Across the 8x4 range, the Quon provides a variety of wheelbases. The 8-Litre Quon CG 30 360 is available in three wheelbases - 4500mm, 5200mm and 5700mm. The 11-Litre Quon CG 32 390 and Quon CG 32 420 is offered in the 5200mm and 5700mm wheelbases.


The Quon 8x4 now has the option of leaf or air-bag suspension on the rear, with parabolic spring on the load-sharing twin-steer front with a 13-tonne capacity. The Quon CG 32 420 has similar suspension and wheelbase options as the CG Model in the 390 11-Litre.

Big on truck safety

The current UD Quon range is big on safety and big on economy which means the all-new Quon 8x4 includes an advanced range of safety features. The 8-Litre Quon CG 8x4 and 11-Litre Quon CG 8x4 offers advanced safety systems including Electronic Stability Control, Traffic Eye Braking, Radar Cruise Control, Driver Alert and Lane Departure Warning systems.

All UD Trucks are manufactured to the highest standard in the UD Truck factory in Japan. The New UD Quon range includes features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, such as bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort.

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