Aftersales Support

Avoiding unnecessary stops with South Central Truck & Bus

Breakdowns and urgent repairs cost you uptime and income.

Proactive servicing and preventative maintenance save them. So it pays to plan. And the great news is, South Central Truck & Bus Aftersales Support team are here to help you. 

A Service Plan specially created for your truck and business

Success in the transport business means running your trucks with as few interruptions as possible. That requires reducing the number of planned service stops to a minimum.

At South Central Truck & Bus, our dedicated Aftersales team work with you to create a personalised Service Plan for your truck and your business. Our service program's are designed to be tailored to your Mack Truck, UD Truck or Volvo Truck.

With your input and our experience, your trucks will get the preventive maintenance they need and when they need it. 

Service Planning - step by step

1. The right input

All relevant information about your truck is entered into the system. This includes exact specifications, how the truck will be used and the expected distances involved.

3. Precise planning

South Central Truck & Bus Service Plan program shows exactly when your truck needs a service and the actions that should be performed to ensure optimal performance. 

2. Identifying the best solution

When working together with the South Central Truck & Bus team, we carefully consider various service intervals in order to identify the optimal level of maintenance for your truck.

4. Fine-tuning your service

When your truck is with us, we can fine-turn the Service Plan if new data shows that this is necessary. This ensures optimised performance and operational economy. 

Aftersales enquiry

Fleet Management anywhere

Precision in your decisions. That’s what Dynafleet is all about. At any given time, you can see the exact location and status of your drivers, trucks and assets – as well as get quality data for planning ahead and analysing your operations. Better still, Dynafleet shows you what areas to focus on.

Take a look at the video above to see how the Dynafleet app can give you instant access to fleet, fuel and driver information on your smartphone or tablet for your Mack Truck, UD Truck or Volvo Truck.

Total fuel efficiency

Dynafleet Fuel and Environment service makes it easy to monitor the performance of your trucks and the efficiency of your drivers. Create reports across a wide range of parameters in seconds – and discover why one driver uses more fuel than another. Fast and accurate, the service helps you identify potential savings that can boost your bottom line and reduce your environmental footprint.