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Efficient and responsible public transport requires a holistic and long-term approach.

Volvo Buses' vision is to provide pioneering transport solutions, and our City Mobility offerings are unsurpassed. Volvo offers a comprehensive range of city and intercity buses. Our range of electrified city buses allows operation with substantially reduced emissions and noise levels – even in sensitive areas and restricted zones.

Volvo B5L Hybrid

Volvo hybrid technology takes green efficiency to the next level. Its the most fuel-efficient and reliable hybrid solution on the market, delivering impressive fuel-savings and reduced emissions.

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Volvo B11R

The Volvo B11R compliments the Volvo chassis range with a fuel efficient, high capacity and low weight engine suitable for tourist, intercity and the long distance operations market. 

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Volvo B8R

The Volvo B8R Coach delivers the very essence of our offer to demanding customers: superior functionality, passenger comfort, lifecycle productivity, reliability and fuel-efficiency, in and out of cities and suburbs, and onto urban highways.

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Volvo B8RLE

The Volvo B8RLE range will meet any need in intercity, commuter, transit and short-haul coach operations.


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Superior driving and passenger comfort 

Efficient and responsible public transport requires a holistic and long-term approach. Providing pioneering transport solutions, Volvo Buses offers a comprehensive range of city and intercity buses. 

Silent flexibility 

The reality of safety zones, silent zones, zero emission areas and even indoor terminals meets the demands for transport capacity without increasing environmental stress.

Experience the genuine difference

One of the most important reasons to stay Genuine is safety. Genuine Volvo Parts only have one quality level – and we maintain it by designing, monitoring, testing and retesting every part to the same high standard as the vehicle itself. All to ensure they comply with the renowned safety level for which the Volvo brand is known worldwide.

Committed to safety

Every day millions of people around the world rely on our buses, and our job is to bring them safely to their destination. Traffic safety plays a key role, because we believe no transport solution can be ultimately successful unless it is safe.