Designed for fuel-efficency

Volvo hybrid technology takes green efficiency to the next level. Its the most fuel-efficient and reliable hybrid solution on the market, delivering impressive fuel-savings and reduced emissions.


The Volvo hybrid driveline is a clean power package. The diesel engine's 240 horse power is boosted by an addtinal 110 KW pure electric power

UpĀ to 12.5m in length

Parallel diesel electric hybrid chassis - offering fuel savings up to 40%

30-40% reduction in CO2

Drop in hazardousĀ emissions of almost 50%

Maximizing performances and monitoring efficiency with I-Shift

Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function

Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS)

Brake Blending function

ESS Active Cooling System

Power steering Electric driven hydraulic steering

Hill Start Aid

Brake Assist

Volvo Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Durable frame made of carbon steel

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