Made in Japan

World-class Japanese technology, UD Trucks deliver imperative durability, reliability and care for the environment. Renowned for going the extra mile to provide innovative solutions that are highly efficient, safe and sustainable support smart logistics. UD Trucks are renowned for its range of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks for a range of application to get the job done. 


Croner PK & PD Models
4x2, 6x2

Croner is a versatile medium and heavy-duty truck platform you can rely on. Two models and a wide choice of wheelbasesic. Go the extra mile with the truck that makes every moment count.

11-Litre Quon

Quon CD, CW, GK, GW& CG Models
6x2, 6x4, 4x2 & 6x4 & 8x4

Built to excel in the tough Australian conditions the 11-litre Quon can be used for applications such as Rigid FMCG, General Freight and Refrigerated Cargo.

8-Litre Quon

Quon CD, CW & CG Models
6x2, 6x4 & 8x4

Introducing the New 8-litre Quon – 300kg lighter, enabling increased payloads. The 8-litre Quon features a GH 8 engine which is 300 kilograms lighter than the original 11-litre models.

UD Quon Advanced Safety

UD Division combined advance safety technology, such as Pre-crash Brake, the Lane Departure Warning System, and the Millimetre-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning. Continually adopting new systems in safety and contributing to a reduction in driver fatigue and enabling daily safe driving is their philosophy.

UD Telematics

UD Telematics is a high tech wireless communication system designed to help you keep your fleet on the road for longer, while reducing ongoing cost. Fleet Max Plus comes standard across the entire range of UD Trucks with 12 months complimentary data, and can also be retrofitted to your existing fleet. Fleet Max Plus reports from your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Service Agreements

In order to give your truck exactly the maintenance it needs – neither more nor less – we begin by working together to create a Service Schedule. The Service Schedule provided by South Central Truck & Bus is tailored to your truck and the way they are used. It shows exactly which measures are needed for your particular truck to continue to provide trouble-free operation.

Going the extra mile

Logistics is the lifeblood of society. People depend on logistics and logistics depend on people. The world needs smart logistics. From service and parts to on-road support, driver training and telematics, UD Extra Mile Support is part of South Central Truck & Bus' complete total solution offer, that you can rely on to keep your truck running.