UD Quon Safety

Safety functions for risk prediction

UD Quon - big on safety and big on economy

To keep everyday drivers safe, it is important for the truck to predict any imminent danger and immediately alert the driver. Truly safe driving on a daily basis requires the vehicle to predict potential dangers and immediately notify the driver. The UD Quon 8-Litre and 11-Litre range features advanced safety systems including UD Stability Control, Traffic Eye Braking, Driver Alert and Lane depature warning systems.

The following video features the safety performance and innovative technology of UD's All New Quon.

Active safety

Lane Departure Warning and Driver Alert Systems

The cab camera inside the UD Quon detects the traffic lanes to the left and right. If the driver unintentionally leaves the lane at speeds of 60 km/h or more, an alarm sounds and an indicator flashes. The safety camera installed inside the cab recognises the positional relationships between traffic lanes and vehicles, and estimates driver awareness based on steering irregularities. If the driver's concentration drops, a two-step alarm and warning message on the multi-display alert the driver and suggest a break.

Safer driving experience

Traffic Eye Brake System and UD Stability Control

Dual monitoring with millimeter-wave radar and camera dramatically improves detection of the vehicle ahead. Using both millimeter-wave radar and camera to monitor conditions in front of the truck. While driving, if the possibility of collision with the vehicle ahead is detected, the driver is quickly notified with a warning indicator and an alarm. If the vehicle reaches a distance where collision is possible, the brakes are applied quickly to reduce any damage due to collision.

If the UD Stability Control (UDSC) sensor detects conditions in which the truck could become unstable, such as curves or slippery road surfaces, the system applies control appropriate to engine output and braking power to each tire to maintain stability. 


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All UD Trucks are manufactured to the highest standard in its factory in Japan. The New UD Quon range includes features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, like bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort.

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