This is the new standard.

Mack Trucks Euro 6 range has more power, more efficiency and more safety.

Experience the standard that sets Mack Trucks Australia's new generation of truck a part.


The Mack Anthem comes standard with a bold design that delivers areodynamics and a new interior that keeps drivers comfortable.

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Mack Titan Euro 6


When the job is remote and the roads are challenging, you need the right equipment for the job. The Mack Titan delivers when the going gets tough.

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Mack Super-Liner Euro 6


The Mack Super-Liner is one of the hardest working trucks around. With massive horsepower and torque, it's the truck of choice for people in heavy haulage and demanding line-haul.

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Mack Trident Euro 6


The Mack Trident is a familiar sight on Australian highways and with good reason: it's a versatile truck that can handle just about anything.

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Mack Metro-Liner Euro 6


The Mack Metro-Liner is one of the most popular trucks in the construction and distribution sectors, and why? Because it's been designed specifically for these jobs.

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Features & Benefits

Explore just some of the features that ensure a Mack Truck is fit for your business.

Proudly built in Australia

Mack has been proudly building legendary trucks in Australia for generations. But what does Australian Made mean for you? It means you get the truck you really need to get the job done. You get every Application and PBS requirement built for optimal productivity and efficiency.


Big horsepower, the best in Australia

The Gold Bulldog Powertrain delivers legendary grunt and unparalleled reliability. Meticulously integrating engine, transmission and axles, it gives you a driveline that makes your fuel go further and your truck perform harder.


Safest conventional truck in Australia

Mack Trucks are the safest conventional trucks in the Australian market. What makes them so safe? Mack Trucks has partnered with Bendix Wingman Fusion to provide our customers with industry-leading active safety technology, coupled with Mack's inherent passive safety features, to deliver the most advanced safety package in a conventional truck.


Mack Service Contracts

When it comes to servicing, every business has different needs. South Central Truck & Bus offers a choice of three Mack Service Agreements - depending on the size of your operation and the job your truck does, you can choose one that fits like a glove. Whether you are a small independent operator or have a large national fleet, South Central Truck & Bus will work with you to tailor a Mack Service Agreement that suits you business.