Did you know that your truck’s specifications have a big impact on fuel consumption and have a huge impact on your bottom line?  We’ve put together a few tips from the team of Volvo experts at South Central Truck & Bus to give you some extra information on how you can choose components and specs for your Volvo Truck, including engines, gearboxes and axles, to help minimise fuel consumption. Plus, find out more about Volvo’s Fleet Management System and how it can work for you and your business. 


It is no surprise that the engine has the greatest effect on fuel efficiency. A highly efficient engine will lower the temperature of exhaust gases, which accounts for around one-third of fuel-influencing factors. For example, for most long-haul assignments, a 460–500hp rating in your Volvo Truck is the most suitable power range to deliver efficient performance and fuel consumption. However, for demanding applications such as hilly terrains, high gross combination weight (GCW) and regular accelerations, require high average power. The higher the power and torque during these demanding applications will help maintain speed without too many fuel-consuming down shifts, while keeping the right engine rpm at cruise speed. Therefore, less fuel is consumed at lower revs, and in turn lowers fuel consumption.


A standard automated gearbox configured for long-haul with predictive cruise functions is suitable for most long-haul assignments. For heavier loads and hillier terrains, Volvo’s I-Shift transmission with crawler gears is suitable for low speed manoeuvring and trucks starting from a standstill on a level road, with loads of up to 325 tonnes. Trucks with I-Shift technology are able to predict a gradient in the road ahead, which tells the engine and the I-Shift transmission how to maximise the truck’s kinetic energy to save fuel and reduce CO2.

Have a watch of the following video below to see how Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift software adapts the truck’s gears, speed and engine brake when a hill or gradient is detected ahead.

To learn more about Volvo Trucks I-Shift with crawler gears, click here

Rear axle ratio and type

Choosing the right axle for your Volvo Truck relies on the truck’s typical job application, the load you normally carry and the type of surface it will be driving on. This ties together with choosing a suitable gearbox, engine and tyre dimension. The lowering of the engine’s optimum rev range requires a faster rear axle ratio, which will then correctly match to the engine for best fuel consumption. Lowering the axle gear ratio may help when carrying or towing heavy goods, particularly uphill. 

The team of Volvo experts at South Central Truck & Bus are here and ready to work with you to ensure you have the right specs and axle ratios to suit not only your job application, but also offer you the chance to save fuel.

These are just some of the key choices to consider when choosing your Volvo Truck which can directly impact your fuel consumption. Plus, if you're running a fleet, you can ensure that Volvo Trucks continue to work with the constant improvements of your business through the Volvo Fleet Management System. 

For a more comprehensive list of fuel saving tips, speak with the South Central Truck & Bus team or you can download Volvo Trucks’ mini guide how to spec a Volvo truck for maximum fuel efficiency here.

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