Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial | Mal Thiel

JULY 30, 2020

For over 30 years Mal has been a single owner operator of his family owned business, Thiel. He is a passionate truck driver and has been driving Volvo trucks since 1989!

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Customer Testimonial | Theo Agelis Constructions

JULY 02, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

Theo Agelis Construction is a family owned, South Australian business that has been in the construction sector for more than 40 years. Since they purchased their first Volvo FM in 2014, it has been a pleasure for the South Central Truck & Bus team to be a part of their continued success. Have a read to find out why they choose Volvo Trucks and the support they receive from our team.

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LCL Heavy Haulage - Volvo XXL Globetrotter

MARCH 10, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

Back in 2007, Peter Taylor of LCL Heavy Haulage ordered the first original Volvo FH XXL Cab in South Australia. Fast forward to 2019, Peter was once again the first person to order the new XXL Globetrotter when it came back on the market. Read more about Peter's makeover of his original XXL and why the Volvo XXL Cab's work for him and his business.

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