Volvo Trucks

Maximise your Volvo Trucks’ fuel efficiency

SEPTEMBER 02, 2020

Did you know that your truck’s specifications have a big impact on fuel consumption and a huge impact on your bottom line?  Take a look at the key tips our team of Volvo experts have put together on how you can choose components and specs for your Volvo Truck to optimise fuel consumption. Plus, find out how the Volvo Fleet Management System can work for you and your business. 

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Volvo Safety – Stop. Look. Wave

AUGUST 03, 2020

To help promote traffic safety awareness among children, Volvo Trucks Australia have launched their Stop, Look and Wave campaign. Find out more about their Stop, Look, Wave campaign and their efforts to make the roads safer for everyone.

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Customer Testimonial | Mal Thiel

JULY 30, 2020

For over 30 years Mal has been a single owner operator of his family owned business, Thiel. He is a passionate truck driver and has been driving Volvo trucks since 1989!

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Customer Testimonial | Theo Agelis Constructions

JULY 02, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

Theo Agelis Construction is a family owned, South Australian business that has been in the construction sector for more than 40 years. Since they purchased their first Volvo FM in 2014, it has been a pleasure for the South Central Truck & Bus team to be a part of their continued success. Have a read to find out why they choose Volvo Trucks and the support they receive from our team.

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Fun for the kids!

APRIL 09, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

With the kids staying home for school holidays and during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we'd put together a page which includes heaps of Mack, UD and Volvo fun to keep them occupied!

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LCL Heavy Haulage - Volvo XXL Globetrotter

MARCH 10, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

Back in 2007, Peter Taylor of LCL Heavy Haulage ordered the first original Volvo FH XXL Cab in South Australia. Fast forward to 2019, Peter was once again the first person to order the new XXL Globetrotter when it came back on the market. Read more about Peter's makeover of his original XXL and why the Volvo XXL Cab's work for him and his business.

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Customer Service Centre - Irvine's Tyres and Mechanical, Port Pirie

FEBRUARY 11, 2020 | South Central Truck & Bus

The South Central Truck & Bus team want to ensure that no matter where you are in South Australia, you know you’ll be able to locate an approved service centre or sub dealer who will be able to deliver the same results and service as we do! That’s why we have Customer Service Centres located throughout regional South Australia, including Irvine’s Tyres and Mechanical in Port Pirie.

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Volvo FH XXL Launch

DECEMBER 16, 2019 | CMV Group

In October, we enjoyed a fabulous event in our showroom with over 60 of our valued Volvo customers and their guests, to launch the all-new Volvo FH XXL.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to showcase the Volvo FH XXL and give our guests the opportunity to see this amazing truck. It was also great to see many of them taking the time to explore its spacious interior and large cab, plus experience the XXL difference.

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Perry's Fuel Distributor supports female truck drivers in the industry

DECEMBER 12, 2019 | CMV Group

Perrys Fuel Distributors is one of the largest independently owned fuel distribution companies in South Australia, celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. The family-owned and operated business supplies a full range of fuel with all grades of diesel, unleaded and premium unleaded as well as lubricants, fuel storage and dispensing equipment. Providing over fifty retail sites across South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales, Perrys manage their fleet of delivery vehicles from mini-tankers to road trains. Perry’s has recently added another Volvo FH 540 into their fleet from the team at South Central Truck & Bus, as they looked …

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The all-new Volvo FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL

DECEMBER 12, 2019 | CMV Group

The all new Volvo FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL cab is designed to be a home away from home for long-haul drivers out on tough assignments. And the difference is really great. The cab is a full 600 litres larger than the already spacious FH – giving drivers much more space to stretch out. It also includes a larger bed and plenty of extra, easy-to-reach storage. 

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