The all-new Volvo FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL

DECEMBER 12, 2019 | CMV Group

A larger cab, increased storage and one of the biggest beds in the business. Volvo Trucks Australia have increased the size of its already spacious FH cab for long-haul living comfort. 

The all new XXL FH cab is designed to be a home away from home for long-haul drivers out on tough assignments. And the difference is really great. The cab is a full 600 litres larger than the already spacious FH – giving drivers much more space to stretch out. It also includes a larger bed and plenty of extra, easy-to-reach storage. 

Room to stretch out

To make sure that every long-haul driver gets a good sleep, the bed in the new Globetrotter XXL cab is 2.13 metres long and 1.06 metres wide. That’s 130 mm longer and 250 mm wider than in a regular Volvo Globetrotter XL.  It’s more than just size , the bunk has an adjustable reclining section and adapts to the shape of your body, delivering a remarkable level of comfort. You can also equip the cab with a second upper bunk.


More than just a bed -  A bigger home on the road

To make room for this improved sleeping area, Volvo designed the Globetrotter XXL with a rear wall 250 mm further back than in a standard Globetrotter XL cab, creating a massive 600 litres of extra internal space.

To take advantage of this additional space a further 50 litres of storage cabinets have been added, so you’ve got more room to bring those personal items that make a long trip more bearable.

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Whether you’re travelling from Townsville to Melbourne, Perth to Karratha or Adelaide to Darwin, the FH Globetrotter XXL will make sure you get a good sleep, every night and every time.

Take a look at Volvo Trucks’ supersized XXL long haul cab, designed to provide flexibility and world-class driver comfort.

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