Volvo Camera Monitor System

Volvo Trucks have made a raft of incredible updates to their heavy-duty lineup, and perhaps the most exciting is the new Camera Monitor System. Find out more about this exciting new system and how it will improve your direct vision, enhance your night vision and reduce your blind spot areas close to the truck.

What it is

Volvo Trucks’ Camera Monitor System has replaced the traditional side mirrors, with up to three cameras mounted on either side of the truck, and an optional corner front passenger camera on the passenger side. These cameras are connected to two screens which have been intuitively placed on either side of the windscreen, and provide the driver with improved vision than what is possible with traditional side mirrors.

What it does


The Camera Monitor System allows the driver to zoom in on the monitor for a more detailed view, or zoom out for a wider angle. A smart toggle allows the driver to shift between narrow or wide angle views.

Auto heat

Mist and moisture are not an issue for the Camera Monitor System, as the camera lenses automatically heat up in cold conditions, ensuring improved visibility in all conditions.


Night vision

Drivers now have enhanced night rearview vision thanks to infra-red light support, which is useful both for night driving and dim conditions. 

Surveillance Mode

Even when parked, the driver can activate surveillance mode on the Camera Monitor System to check what is going on around the vehicle. This can also be activated remotely from the sleeper to provide the driver with extra piece of mind and security while resting.


Improved aerodynamics

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration for operators in the transport industry, with stakeholders seeking to lower costs and reduce the impact on the environment where they can. With the removal of the side mirrors in Volvo’s updated heavy duty line-up, the trucks bodies are now more streamlined. This improves aerodynamics, reducing both fuel and energy consumption.

Improved Visibility and Safety:

There are a number of safety benefits to the new Camera Monitor System. These include:

  • Less obstructions to the drivers direct line-of-sight thanks to the removal of the traditional side mirrors
  • The cameras provide better rearview blind-spot vision
  • The field of view displayed on the monitor shifts according to the turn that is being negotiated, improving the drivers awareness of their surroundings when needed most
  • The driver is able to use surveillance features while resting to monitor their security.
  • Better vision is offered by the Camera Monitor System during rain with the lens protected from rain inside the camera arm, and the screen located inside the cab, therefore improving visibility when compared to a traditional mirror which would be viewed through raindrops on both the mirror and window.
  • The infra-red light support provides better vision than a traditional mirror would at night time and in dim conditions

There are a range of benefits that come with choosing Volvo’s new Camera Monitoring System. Speak with the South Central Truck & Bus team to find out more and find the right Volvo Truck for your business.

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