Mack Truck Lineup for new Euro 6 range

We are excited to share that Mack Trucks Australia has announced their all-new Euro 6 lineup featuring their most powerful drivetrain yet and updated standard safety features. The South Central Truck & Bus team have all the information you need about these latest innovations.

A whole new range of Mack drivetrains has been revealed including an all-new range topping 780hp 17-litre MP11 engine with a stump pulling 3800Nm of torque. The Mack Super-Liner has already held the title of Australia’s most powerful conventional truck for over a decade and has carved out an enviable reputation for power, durability, and efficiency in some of the toughest transport tasks Australia has to offer. 

Mack Super-Liner from new Euro 6 range

Joining the new big-block engine is a revamped 13-litre eSCR Euro 6 MP8 which, like the rest of the new Euro 6 range, benefits from new low friction cylinder liners, wave top pistons, a more efficient turbocharger, and a revised electronics system to provide more precise fuel delivery and combustion. 

Mack Truck on gravel road

Mack Anthem’s potential as a fuel efficiency champion on the highway has also been taken to the next level with the arrival of the new MP8HE (High Efficiency) engine platform. The MP8HE utilises turbo compound technology to scavenge extra energy from the engine’s exhaust flow and transfer that power directly to the engine crankshaft. The result is a hefty 2800Nm torque figure, significantly higher than the standard Mack MP8 engine.

Mack Anthem from new Euro 6 range

A keen focus on the progression of safety features continues to be an important hallmark of the Mack offering. With Mack’s evolution of Bendix Wingman Fusion and new Mack infotainment system with standard rear-view camera and optional additional cameras, Mack customers will benefit from an improved level of visibility and safety on the job site. 

Infotainment screen inside Mack truck

The fully integrated 70-inch, walk-through sleeper will also be available for order with Euro 6 Super-Liner and Titan products. Featuring multiple configuration options including single and double bunks, the new sleeper is set to redefine the competitive landscape, delivering a whole new standard of driver comfort. 

Carplay features in new Mack truck

“To say we’re excited to bring this range of engines to market here in Australia would be an understatement,” says Tom Chapman, Vice President Mack Trucks Australia.

“To be able to now offer both power and efficiency across such a broad array of transport tasks in this country is truly game changing for Mack.” 

“Ultimately, the biggest winners here will be our customers.” 

“From demanding heavy haulage in our nation’s interior to the vital inter-capital freight arteries Mack Trucks has now more than ever the ability to deliver a better driving experience, more time on the road and lower running costs.” 

Mack Truck driving past water with reflection

The new Mack Trucks Euro 6 range is now available to order with the first vehicles expected to hit the road in early 2025.

Interested in finding out more about the new Mack Trucks range? Contact our team – they look forward to working with you to determine the best Mack Truck for your business.