Great news - For drivers who run the same route day in and day out, Mack is delivering a unique system to shake things up. Mack Trucks’ new Predictive Cruise combines GPS and the Mack mDRIVE transmission with a cruise control system that learns on the go and as you drive. Keen to find out more? Read on!

How will Predictive Cruise benefit you?

This results in: 

  • 1% less fuel burned per drive cycle
  • Your speed and gearing automatically adjusting based on topography ahead
  • A built-in GPS
  • The storing of up to 4500 hills in database


Predicting a more efficient ride

Mack's Predictive Cruise allows your truck to adjust speed and gain momentum when approaching a hill. It then avoids unnecessary downshifts as you near the crest and prevents unnecessary acceleration once you’re at the top. Finally, it lets the truck coast downhill before sensing the end of the grade and gently adjusting speed so the truck maintains momentum for the next hill.

Here's a quick overview about how Mack's Predictive Cruise works:

Save Fuel Costs

When you drive a logged route, Mack’s Predictive Cruise uses its knowledge of the road’s topography to adjust vehicle speed, engine torque and gear, reducing fuel consumption by up to 1 percent per drive cycle.

Improved Driver Safety

Predictive Cruise takes the reins when it comes to managing and gearing up for terrain, allowing drivers to focus on the cargo, road and traffic conditions around them.

Efficient Integration

Predictive Cruise operates as a part of Mack’s legendary integrated powertrain, working seamlessly with Mack MP engines, axles and mDRIVE™ transmissions for improved efficiency, increased uptime and lower cost.

Smoother Drive

Predictive Cruise Control knows what hills to expect and when to expect them. It’s prepared to engage the right gears at the right times so that your truck—and entire trip—runs more smoothly.


Mack’s automated manual transmission manages the Predictive Cruise Control system, working with the rest of the powertrain to maximize driver comfort, payload, performance and fuel economy. 

GPS Navigation

The system utilizes a built-in GPS that maps movement on the road. The first time you drive a route, Predictive Cruise Control tracks each hill and hollow, then remembers so it’s ready to help you take control of every future drive. 

Route Database

Predictive Cruise Control’s algorithm doesn’t just memorize one route for repeated use; it can store up to 4,500 hills in its database.

Keen to find out more and how the mDRIVE can work for you and your business’ applications? Our team are ready to showcase the many benefits of Mack’s mDRIVE’s Predictive Cruise and work with you to find the right Mack Truck for your business.
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