Mack mDRIVE Make the shift

A manual transmission

With a brain

Mack mDRIVE isn’t an automatic transmission, it’s a manual transmission that changes the gears for you. With Mack mDRIVE, instead of a gear stick and clutch pedal that the driver uses to engage the gears, a set of electronically-controlled selectors on top of the transmission automatically change the gears for the driver.

The software continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, combined vehicle weight and air resistance, optimizing fuel economy on every drive.

Making the job easier for drivers


Smooth and instant changes every time

While you’re driving, the transmission’s electronic system constantly monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, combined vehicle weight and air resistance to optimize fuel economy on every drive.

When it senses that a different gear is needed, it switches it instantly and smoothly meaning there’s no over-revving, no straining, no missed gears and no crunching and grinding of gears.

Less wear and tear on the truck and driver

Smoother gear changes are not only more fuel-efficient, but also dramatically reduce the wear on the transmission and driveline.

mDRIVE takes away the additional concentration drivers require to continually make smooth gear changes on demanding runs, allowing them to focus on a safe journey and smooth delivery. Macks fitted with mDRIVE avoid unintentional driver inputs, protecting the engine and gearbox, resulting in far less maintenance required over its lifetime.

Software suited to the task

Maxi-Shift & Heavy-Duty Shift

Mack mDRIVE comes with one of two software configurations: Maxi-Shift and Heavy-Duty Shift

Maxi-Shift, the standard factory-fitted package, is ideal for most applications, while Heavy-Duty Shift is specifically designed for high-GCM applications with loads greater than 90 tonnes.

Heavy-Duty Shift promotes first gear for take-off and changes the engine’s RPM aspect to apply higher revs before changing gear as a default, giving the driver an effortless take-off with heavy loads. Heavy-Duty Shift is an additional feature allowing you to switch back to the Maxi-Shift software at any time, creating better fuel economy when changer to lighter loads.

Make the shift

mDRIVE Features


Pushing MaxBrake on the single DIN keypad optimises PowerLeash engine braking performance by downshifting if necessary, maintaining ideal engine speeds between 1700rpm and 2100rpm when in braking mode.

Grade Gripper

The mDRIVE’s Hill Start Assist, also known as Grade Gripper, eliminates rollback by keeping your position steady on an incline when you release the brake over a three second period. This feature is ideal when doing a standing start on a hill.

Power take-offs

mDRIVE offers a range of power take-off output ratios and pump options to suit different applications. To learn more or to find a configuration that's best for you, contact one of our Mack specialists.


mDRIVE's MackCellerator feature cuts in when you overtake in slower traffic. When pushing the throttle beyond 100%, it switches to a lower gear instantly (if there are enough RPMs available),and applies maximum powering allowing you to pass quickly and safely. 

Slow Speed

When manoeuvring at low speeds, mDRIVE’s Slow Speed feature makes it possible to run your truck at the engine idle speed without slipping the clutch. This is ideal for tight confined spaces, minimises clutch wear and allows movement without halting to best maintain your speed.

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A short burst of horsepower

Economy & Performance Mode

Mack mDRIVE can handle more pound-feet of torque from the engine than a typical manual transmission. Sometimes you may want a little extra power, which is why mDRIVE has two modes: Economy and Performance

While in Economy Mode, the transmission chooses gears to optimise fuel efficiency. 

For those times when you need a burst of horsepower, you can switch to Performance Mode at the click of a button. Performance Mode changes the engine’s RPM aspect allowing mDRIVE to hold higher revs before changing gears, making maximum use of the available horsepower. Performance Mode is perfect when you need a bit of extra power to tackle a steep incline.

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A manual transmission with a brain. Find out more about Mack's mDRIVE.

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