The South Central Truck & Bus team are excited to let you know that Volvo Trucks’ new FM and FMX Crew Cab has arrived in Australia, and it has a clear priority: Keeping our frontline emergency services personnel safe and operational.

Emergency Services face a unique set of occupational hazards, with duties that can be both physically and psychologically demanding. Using state-of-the-art technology and a human-centric approach to emergency vehicle design, Volvo Trucks have achieved a new standard in performance, ergonomics and driver safety for the new Volvo FM and Volvo FMX Crew Cabs.

The new Volvo FM and FMX Crew Cab has been specially designed and equipped with the needs of the firefighter top of mind. Volvo Trucks collected feedback from the field to create the safest, most comfortable and effective vehicle for those tasked with protecting the community during times of crisis.

“We asked firefighting crew members for feedback and took on board their answers.” says Gary Bone, Vice President, Volvo Trucks Australia.

“We focused on supporting the wellbeing of our firefighters, with better operational logic, keeping information easily accessible at their fingertips and providing better ergonomic features.” he continues.

“Firefighters were also front of mind when we designed the cabin interior, ensuring that the interior is safely lit whilst also preserving low light vision.”

“And we intend to build these vehicles right here in Australia.”

The new Volvo FM and FMX Crew Cab is available with 11 and 13 litre engine options, with the option of Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions rating, and transmission options including the 6 speed Powertronic torque converter automatic and 12 speed I-Shift AMT with the added option of crawler gears.


Enhanced ergonomics and materials that are durable and easy to maintain are at the core of the new Volvo FM and FMX Crew Cab. Seating up to nine people, the interior is spacious and well-lit. Quick and easy accessibility is prioritised with the inclusion of anti-slip illuminated steps with an optional fold down lower step and power grip safety orange grab handles.

The seating position and ultra slim line mirror design enhance the driver’s field of vision, reducing blind spots. Clear operational logic for cab instrumentation allows for the right information to be displayed at the right time.


Each Volvo Truck model includes a fully certified ECER-29-03 cab that has undergone impact testing. For the first time, Volvo can offer certified crew seating configurations with or without integrated *SCBA. 

Seats in the new Volvo FM and FMX Crew Cab are equipped with 3-point seatbelts, ensuring crew members are safe and secure every step of the way. The crew cabs large rear-view mirrors and panoramic windows with a low door line provide the field of view necessary for safe and efficient driving.


The Volvo D11 and D13 engines are optimized to provide the perfect mix of power, torque and reliability that the emergency services industry demands. Volvo’s Powertronic fully automatic transmissions and high torque PTO combinations ensure long duration incidents are handled with ease.

The inclusion of industry leading driver support systems ensure you arrive safely on scene in all weather conditions.

Easy Bodybuilding

Volvo Trucks have developed a compact and simplified chassis to accommodate for the complex superstructure integration, auxiliary systems and controls that fire trucks require. 

All mounted chassis components in the wheelbase area have been repositioned to facilitate a clear rear cab wall. New electrical architecture with pre-defined connection points and pre-run cable preparation supports the bodybuilder to deliver less invasive system integration. Reliability, quality and safety remain uncompromised. 

Committed to your uptime

The Volvo FM and FMX Crew Cab is equipped with Volvo telematics and onboard vehicle diagnostics systems, offering complete fleet visibility, real time performance snapshots and asset health monitoring. Preventative maintenance planning and scheduled servicing is also provided using the latest in connected systems.

Keen to find out more about Volvo’s new FM and FMX Crew Cab? Our team are ready to assist you in tailoring a truck for your requirements and business application.

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