The Volvo Trucks electromobility journey is gathering pace globally and we are excited to bring you further information about the first Volvo FL Electric, which arrived on Australian shores in early 2021.

Here's all the information on the Volvo FL Electric.

The Volvo FL is compact and agile. It has been designed for efficient urban deliveries and is able to perform its tasks with great sensitivity to nearby people and the environment.

With the Volvo FL, zero tailpipe emission deliveries are available for urban distribution. And to simplify the transition to sustainable transportation, the trucks are offered together with service and support packages for electromobility needs.

The 4x2 Volvo FL Electric is powered by 600 Volt, 200 kWh battery packs which power a 200kW/425Nm motor.

The powertrain utilise a 2-speed gearbox to make use of the motor’s range in the most efficient way. Designed and built by Volvo, the gearbox has independent power flows that enables gear shifting without interruption in power. It offers an experience of fully controlled and seamless power in all driving situations.

The charging connection meets the current automotive standard and different charging methods are possible. You can either use the onboard AC charger, which enables you to charge at industrial sites, or use the charging cable included with the vehicle. Finally, you can also charge at external DC stations for faster charging, assuming that they can deliver an output voltage of up to 750 V.

All functions on the bodywork are powered by a separate electric motor that drives a peak output of 530 Nm and 100-kW.

The electric powertrain and the battery pack are based on the solution used by Volvo Buses. So far, 4,000 buses with either hybrid or all-electric drive are in use. Volvo Trucks also has a track record with hybrid drive trucks.

The first unit to arrive in Australia has been fitted with an 8-pallet body and tailgate lift and since April, the Volvo FL Electric has been undergoing trials and evaluation with Linfox, undertaking metropolitan deliveries within BevChain, its leading beverage logistics business.

“It is very clear that both our customers, and our customer’s customers, are demanding a cleaner and quieter urban transport environment,” says Vice President, Volvo Trucks Australia Tony O’Connell. “Momentum is building globally to create safe and clean cities and the arrival of this truck in Australia marks the first step on that journey for Volvo Trucks Australia.”

“The electrification of our urban supply chain not only affects the local air quality of our cities,” continues O’Connell. “It also has the potential to make our urban areas more liveable. Imagine a cityscape of clear horizons, devoid of the rumble and hum of the tradition internal combustion engine, and that’s got to be something worth striving for.”

In late 2020 Volvo Trucks announced its intention for all Volvo Trucks to be fossil fuel free by 2040. It also announced that pre sales for the European market of a complete range of electric heavy duty truck models would begin in 2021 with production to start in 2022.

The road map to a fossil free future for Volvo Trucks also includes the development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology for long haul applications to complement the more urban centric electric drivelines and the gradual phasing out of the traditional diesel engine.

“This is a very exciting time to be a part of Volvo Trucks Australia,” says O’Connell. “The path to a cleaner, safer and ultimately more enjoyable cityscape is being paved as we speak.”

“I look forward to seeing this truck plying the streets of an Australian capital city in the very near future.”