Mack Trucks has been driving Australia forward for over 100 years. Built by the hard-working men and women of this great country, Mack Trucks are custom made in Australia with the durability and strength to conquer the long roads and harsh conditions that Australia has to offer.

100 Years in Australia

Australia's first experience with the famous Mack Bulldog took place 100 years ago in 1919, when an AC Mack was specially ordered and delivered for use in the oil industry. From these early days of Australian road transport, Mack has evolved to deliver what operators and drivers need today - productivity, reliability, safety, comfort and durability.

Early on, Mack Trucks earned their trademark nickname of 'the Bulldog.' Standing with pride on the front of the bonnet, the golden bulldog can be found on almost all Mack Trucks. A Mack Truck with a gold-plated bulldog indicates that the entire truck is made of Mack components right here in Australia.

Built by hand, built tough, built in Australia

Since 1963, Mack Trucks have been proudly built in Volvo Group Australia’s factory in Brisbane, Wacol. Highly refined and tailored to Australia's harsh conditions, Mack Trucks Australia take pride in knowing their truck's are uniquely made for their Australian customers and there's nowhere else like this amazing country in the world. 

With over 57 years of local development, Mack Trucks have been designed and engineered locally in Australia to meet the needs of our customers. This is to ensure that trucks are tailored to their specific job applications and unique requirements. Mack Trucks Australia and the South Central Truck & Bus team take pride in offering a highly tailored service to our customers, such as: 

  • offering more fuel tanks for those who work in long haul applications
  • meeting specific weight standards to ensure maximum paylods can be met
  • offering an extensive range special requirements, whether it be in transporting dangerous goods to rigorous logging requirements.  

But it doesn’t stop there. Customers are given a multitude of choices to ensure their truck is customised to their business needs and applications, which is why our dedicated Mack team are here to work with Mack Truck Australia and customers to ensure the truck is perfectly suited to their task. 

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