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Introducing the New 8-litre Quon – 300kg lighter, enabling increased payloads


Allowing for greater load efficiency while delivering the same great features and the same ultimate dependability as the 11-litre, the new 8-litre Quon features a GH 8 engine which is 300 kilograms lighter than the original 11-litre models. Now available in the CD 25 360 and the CW 25 360. Delivering improved uptime thanks to features such as disc brakes, extended service intervals and support from Volvo Group’s extensive dealer network. Along with a host of advanced safety features that include: Traffic Eye Brake, UD Stability Control, and Lane Departure Warning System.

Quon embodies innovation in five essential areas to meet today’s diverse business needs. Innovation that puts people first. It’s the next-generation truck for the age of smart logistics.

Light-weight, compact and powerful “GH8 engine”


With downsized engine achieving light-weight and compact, and simpler structure maintaining high reliability, it generates powerful torque in the whole area.

The engine has a power rating of 263 kW (357 PS), with a very impressive torque level of 1,428Nm. The emission standard is pPNLT, which is equivalent to Euro 6 levels.


Quon CD  - 11-Litre & New 8-Litre

Built to excel in the tough Australian conditions the 8-litre Quon CD25 360VAA CD 25 390 can be used for applications such as Rigid FMCG, General Freight and Refrigerated Cargo.

Features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, like bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort.

Download CD 8L Spec Sheet Download CD 11L Spec Sheet


Quon CW - 11-Litre & New 8-Litre

The CW model is designed to ensure customers in Australia could use this truck for applications such as Local Government, Waste, Rear Compactors or Metropolitan Tipper Landscaping. The CW 11L model and the all-new 8L is one of our most versatile trucks and is suited to a number of segments including building & construction, livestock & agriculture, refrigerated freight and regional fuel.

Download CW 8L Spec Sheet Download CW 11L Spec Sheet


Quon GK- 11-Litre

The Quon GK model is the truck you need when working in the building and construction, FMCG, local distribution, and light weight B-double application.

Download GK 11L Spec Sheet


Quon GW 11-Litre

Now available in two horsepower variants the already popular GW is our most versatile truck - suited to building and construction, FMCG, refrigerated freight, regional fuel and B-double applications. 

Download GW 26 460 Brochure Download GW 26 420 Brochure



Comfortable & efficient driving performance 
"ESCOT-Ⅵ" – the latest evolution in 12-speed automated manual transmissions, disc brakes and an interior designed for driver comfort, provide a sophisticated driving experience that reduces driver stress and fatigue. 

Advanced fuel-efficient driveline 
Refinements to the whole driveline have improved fuel efficiency. The fuel-efficient, powerful, and clean "GH11 Engine" exceeded heavy-vehicle fuel economy standards during testing in Japan by 5%, while also complying with stringent pPNLT Emissions Standards that exceed Australian emission requirements.

Safety that puts people first
Safe driving is easier if the truck can predict potential dangers and warn the driver. To do this, the Quon features advanced safety systems such as the Traffic Eye Brake (standard) and the Driver Alert System (optional). 

The goal is to achieve 'safety that puts people first’ by providing safe conditions for drivers, while maintaining safety in the surrounding environment. 

The key to efficient transport is increased payload. Quon uses disc brakes and high tensile steel rails for the main frame to reduce vehicle weight. Our chassis designs allow for simpler body-mounting providing a greater range of options. 

At South Central Truck & Bus, we provide comprehensive after-sales services; genuine UD service and parts, warranty, financial services and 24 Hour roadside assistance to ensure the optimal maintenance to maximise uptime.

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