UD Trucks Quon

The all-new Quon.
With innovation that puts people first, the next-generation of UD Quon trucks feature design enhancement in five major areas.


The newly launched CD 25 390 Rigid is new to the UD Trucks’ range and is ideal for those working in FMCG, local distribution and refrigerated freight.

Features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, like bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort.

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The new CW model is one of our most versatile trucks and is suited to a number of segments including building & construction, livestock & agriculture, refrigerated freight and regional fuel.

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The new GK is the truck you need when working in the building and construction, FMCG, local distribution, and light weight B-double application.

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Now available in two horsepower variants the already popular GW is our most versatile truck - suited to building and construction, FMCG, refrigerated freight, regional fuel and B-double applications. 

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The Quon’s cabin is completely redesigned for driver comfort, while the ESCOT-VI automated manual transmission provides unparalleled operability. Disc brakes, available on all models, ensure quick and smooth response and powerful braking.

All these features contribute to enhanced ergonomics assisting with driver fatigue.

Refinements to the whole driveline have improved fuel efficiency. The fuel-efficient, powerful, and clean "GH11 Engine" exceeded heavy-vehicle fuel economy standards during testing in Japan by 5%, while also complying with stringent pPNLT Emissions Standards that exceed Australian emission requirements.

A variety of advanced technologies like Traffic Eye braking and Lane Departure Warning System protects drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Advanced disc brakes with superior heat dissipation and fade resistance are available on all models, as are active safety features that predict risk for driver safety, and basic safety features that reduce fatigue while driving.

Total vehicle weight has been reduced for all models, improving load handling and suspension. As a result of this lower tare weight, carrying capacities have increased across the entire range.

Comprehensive after-sales services like "Genuine UD Service and Parts," "UD-TRUST" maintenance support, and "UD Information Service" ensure the optimal maintenance to maximise uptime.

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