Volvo Trucks proudly built here in Australia

Building Trucks in Australia for Australian conditions.

Volvo Trucks Australia first established their production facility in 1972, building heavy duty trucks in Wacol, Brisbane, Queensland. The Australian manufacture facility continues to build the Volvo Truck range FH, FM and FMX models for the Australian market.

Volvo Trucks Australian engineers have used globally proven platforms and the latest technologies to design and test trucks that are tailored for Australia's unique conditions.

Made for the customers needs and Australia's tough conditions

Built with the customer from of mind

Every Volvo Truck is designed with the customer's needs front of mind such as heavier loads, greater distances aswell as ranging climates from the hot and dusty Outback, to the ice and snow of the Snowy Mountains.

By listening closely to our customers, Volvo Trucks have been able to produce trucks that are locally engineered, to suit Australian conditions and individual customer requirements.

What makes Volvo trucks stand out?

Every Volvo Truck is made to the customer's requirements

The key difference between European and Australia markets is Volvo Trucks are catered to Australia's local regulations such as the vehicle length is shorter for B Doubles and front axle loads in Australia is considerably lighter than in Europe, which means Volvo Trucks engineer the truck to have more weight at the rear of the vehicle to comply with Australia laws and Australia businesses.  

What makes Volvo trucks stand out is they manufacture every truck to the customer's requirements so you can choose all the different options to suit your businesses needs. Volvo Trucks chassis layout is designed to give the customer a number of options such as:

  • The positioning of battery boxes
  • The number of fuel tanks on board 
  • Custom wheelbases

The different body types such as prime mover and rigids can vary from as short as 3 metre wheelbases to 6.4 metres long. Volvo Trucks custom wheelbases are designed to meet engineering requirements and most importantly, your business. 

Link to find out more how we customised your truck? Speak to one of our Volvo Consultants are more than happy to help you with your business requirements. 

Volvo Trucks Australia Range:

For the most demanding operations, the Volvo FH16 is the most powerful truck of the range.
The leader in long haul, the Volvo FH deliver unmatched driver comfort, safety and economy.
Stunning design, fantastic handling and great operating economy, the FM is the most versatile truck.
The modern construction truck. Strong, robust and packed with groundbreaking features.