Mack Superliner Demonstration Unit will set the bar in the logging industry

12 June, 2019

2018 Mack Super-Liner Demonstrator Unit

Class and performance that thrives in demanding applications

Hitting the roads of Mount Gambier, South Central Truck & Bus introduces the Mack Super-Liner demonstrator to the South East region. The product of choice for heavy haulage and demanding line haul, the Mack Super-Lner is purpose-built for the demanding applications of the region. Road train rated with MP10 Engine at 685hp running through a Mdrive Transmission takes all the effort out of gear changes, which makes it the perfect machine for hauling logs across South Australia and Victoria's high country.

Designed for gradient and heavy lifting, the Super-Liner is as tough as it gets  - steep inclines, steep declines, corrugated roads and fog; the Mack PowerLeash providing ultimate braking control under demanding conditions. Demonstrating that Mack Trucks are designed and built for Australia's tough conditions, the Super-Liner is fitted with air CTI tyre inflation system, weight gauges alloy bullbar, RADD-GR 8 bag air suspension, bendix wingman fusion and bendix blind spotter for all your safety needs.

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Want to experience the performance of the Mack Super-Liner? 

For a limited time only, the 2018 Mack Super-Liner demonstration unit will be available in the South-East region of South Australia for customers to experience what the Super-Liner does best. 

Contact Mack representative Duane Schranz on 1800 627 718 or to arrange a trial today.