14 December, 2017

Swedish brand Volvo Trucks is the first European truck manufacturer in Australia to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Australian Made’ certification, highlighting their commitment to manufacturing locally.

Vice President of Volvo Trucks in Australia Mitch Peden said many Australians don’t realise that Volvo trucks have been manufactured on our shores since 1972.

“In a time when many automotive manufacturers are leaving the country, we’re proud to continue supporting Australian families, keeping manufacturing in Australia for years to come,” said Mr Peden.

Each year, up to 3000 trucks are manufactured at Volvo’s Wacol factory which is the largest assembly plant for heavy duty trucks in Australia.  More than 60,000 trucks have been built at the Wacol facility since its establishment in 1972.

Mr Peden said close to 450 people are directly employed in the production process, as well as 50 dedicated engineers based in Brisbane.

“The Wacol factory has approximately 85 local suppliers delivering more than 3,500 different components to the Wacol factory – of which, many are produced right here in Australia.”

The Australian-made certification is a positive message for the 1,500 employees nationwide, with huge investment in the brand flagged for the next four years.

Volvo Group Australia President & CEO Peter Voorhoeve said Volvo will invest $160 million in the dealerships and customer service network over the next four years, with their private partners.

“We have invested over $27 million in the production facility alone in the past six years, and will invest a further $3.7 million in upgrading our chassis treatment and cab paint process. We’re talking about a lot of money, which is a reflection of how confident we are in local manufacturing,” he said.

Mr Peden said this investment is paramount, with local manufacturing key to the brand’s success in Australia.

“Our trucks are designed and built by Australians for Australian conditions.  Australia is the toughest trucking environment in the world and vehicles have to be adapted for the distance, heat and dust,” he said.

“In Australia, trucks carry heavier loads for longer distances and in higher temperatures than anywhere else in the world. Our engineers are respected globally, with many Australian innovations used in Volvo trucks around the world, where distance is long and conditions are harsh.”

CEO of the Australian Made Campaign, Ian Harrison, said they are delighted that Volvo has joined the campaign, with approval to carry the iconic green and gold ‘Australian Made’ logo.

“This is a great manufacturing story and we are so grateful to see Volvo’s global investment into this market over so many years.”

- text thanks to Volvo Trucks Australia