All-New South Central Trucks Open for Business

26 October, 2015

Today, after years of planning, the all-new South Central Trucks is open for business. The world-class facilities are decked out with over 130 staff, brought together across both our dealerships of South Central Trucks Mack/UD and South Central Trucks Volvo. If you’re a current customer of either, you'll be blown away.

The functional and modern facilities will be among the best in the world, allowing a fantastic showcase of trucks, parts and service across the Mack, UD and Volvo range. Built from the ground up with safety as the highest priority, the dealership will be a class-leading example of a safe work environment for our employees, customers and suppliers.

We're very much looking forward to the future and hope you continue on the journey with us. Our commitment to provide quality service and a fantastic customer experience are top priorities - you can be certain this will continue.

The new address is in Wingfield at 465 Grand Junction Road, so make sure you stop by and check it out.