Mack Trucks Super-Liner

The Mack Super-Liner is one of the hardest-working trucks around. With massive horsepower and torque, it's the truck of choice for people in heavy haulage and demanding line-haul.

If you've got to manage premium interstate line-haul, AB triple road trains, low-loader heavy-haulage or anything in between, you want a Super-Liner.

With 685 horsepower under the bonnet, translated to the road by the mDRIVE automated manual transmission, the Super-Liner is quite simply the Mack everyone wants.

Style, class, power and performance

The Super-Liner is the Premium Mack. Legendary style, class and performance that thrives on demanding applications.

Designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions, the Super-Liner is perfect for heavy-haul, road train and other heavy-duty applications. We can build you a Super-Liner specifically to meet your GCM needs - just ask your dealer.

The power of the MP10

Whether you're running East coast express freight, pulling cattle, or hauling mining machinery, the Mack Super-Liner takes it all in its stride. Its MP10 engine is the most powerful engine we've ever offered, delivering up to 685hp and 2,300 lb-ft torque. The MP10 uses SCR technology to reduce emissions and save fuel. If cutting your fuel costs and emissions is important to your business, the MP10 is a superb development.

And the smoothness of mDRIVE

Our mDRIVE automated manual transmission is the only thing capable of handling the power of the MP10 engine, and is standard equipment on the Super-Liner. Who wants to wrestle with a manual anymore?

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6x4 Day Cab

If you’re not planning on sleeping in the cab, the Day Cab model is for you.

6x4 Low-rise Sleeper

In B-Double configurations where length restrictions matter, the Low-rise Sleeper meets the regulations without compromising the comfort of the driver’s bed.

6x4 Hi-rise Sleeper

If you’re pulling road trains in the Outback, you’ve got some long journeys ahead of you. The Super-Liner High-rise Sleeper provides a spacious and comfortable sleeping area to ensure that essential good night’s sleep.

Mack MP10 16.1 litre

The Super-Liner packs the Mack MP10 engine, the most powerful engine we’ve ever offered, delivering from 600 to 685hp and up to 2,300 lb-ft torque. 

The MP10 uses Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to comply with Euro 5 and ADR 80-03 emissions standards.

  • Max output at 1500-1900rpm: 600Hp (441kW)
  • Max output at 1550-1800rpm: 685Hp (515kW)
  • Max engine speed: 2000rpm
  • Max torque 1000-1500rpm (600Hp): 2065 lb-ft (2800 Nm)
  • Max torque 1000-1550rpm (685Hp): 2300 lb-ft (3150 Nm)
  • No. of cylinders: 6
  • Bore & stroke: 144 x 165mm
  • Displacement: 16.1 Lt
  • Compression ratio: 16.8:1
  • Engine braking effect at 2200rpm: 570Hp (425kW)
  • Economy revs: 1000-1500rpm
  • Oil change volume, incl. Filter (Approx.): 42-45 Lt
  • No. of oil filters: 2 full-flow, 1 bypass
  • Cooling system, total volume (Approx.): 48 Lt


Mack's mDRIVE fully-automated manual, the only transmission that can handle the full 685hp.

  • TmD12AD (Direct): torque 1,920ft–lbs, gears 12, 4

Eaton Manual

If you only need 600 hp, you can choose to put an Eaton manual transmission in your Super-Liner.


The Super-Liner is available with a wheelbase range from 5,250mm to 6,265mm.


Wheelbase range: 5,250mm to 6,265mm.

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