Mack Trucks Metro-Liner

The Mack Metro-Liner is one of the most popular trucks in the construction and distribution sectors, and why? Because Mack have designed it specifically for these jobs.

Metro-Liner meets the demand for low tare and high productivity in construction or urban on-road applications. If you need a rugged concrete agitator, an agile tipper or a manoeuvrable tanker, Metro-Liner is the truck for you.

The Low Tare Workhorse

Available in 6x4, 8x4 and 10x4 configurations, the Metro-Liner’s low tare makes it perfect for light construction, local and regional distribution tasks.

Mack Trucks Australia build Metro-Liners as agitators, rigid tippers, mine service units, tankers, hooklifts, you name it. At Mack, they build trucks that are fit-for-purpose, so whatever purpose you’ve got in mind, we’ve can get a Metro-Liner to fit it.

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6x4 Configuration

The 6x4 configuration allows for a GVM of up to 26,000kg.

8x4 Configuration

The 8x4 configuration allows for a GVM of up to 30,000kg.

10x4 Configuration

The 10x4 configuration allows for a GVM of up to 33,000kg.

Cummins ISL 8.9-litre

Cummins ISL9 continues to have the highest power density of any engine in its class. So whether you’re pulling a loaded dump truck out of the mud, driving a beverage truck across town or hauling fresh mix to a construction site, you've got the power to get the job done.

An SCR engine that meets Euro 5 and ADR80-03 emissions requirements, the Cummins ISL 8.9-litre can generate from 280 to 400 hp and 780-1250 lb-ft torque.

Eaton Manual

The Metro-Liner comes standard with an Eaton manual transmission.

  • RTLO12913A: torque 1250ft–lbs, gears 13 & 2 
  • RTO11909ALL: torque 1150ft–lbs, gears 11 & 3

Allison - Fully Automatic Transmission

The Allison - Fully Automatic Transmission offers an automated transmission solution, suitable for agitator applications.

  • 3500: torque 860ft–lbs, gears 6 & 1
  • 3200: torque 1100ft–lbs, gears 6 & 1
  • 4430: torque 1150ft–lbs, gears 6 & 1
  • 4440: torque 1310ft–lbs, gears 6 & 1

Eaton - Automated Manual Transmission

The Eaton "Ultrashift" offers an Automated Manual Transmission solution.

  • FO14E313A-MHP: torque 1450ft–lbs, gears 13 & 3


Depending on your application, wheelbase can be a critical factor, so the Metro-Liner gives you a range of options.

  • 6x4:   4.725mm to 6,125mm
  • 8x4:   5.425mm to 6,125mm
  • 10x4: 5,225mm
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